Staff Contacts:

Chris Sargent, Senior Planner (802-457-3188 ext.12)

Kevin Geiger, Senior Planner (802-457-3188 ext.24)

Our staff are able to offer a valuable technical resource to the mostly volunteer local officials of our region. This technical assistance includes:

  • Assistance to Planning Commissions: We help with the drafting or review of town plans, zoning and subdivision bylaws, flood hazard area regulations, special studies and GIS mapping.
  • Assistance to Selectboards: We help with adoption of plans and bylaws, road policies, health ordinances, solid waste planning, permitting junk yards, permit enforcement, grant writing and administration.
  • Assistance to Conservation Commissions: We help with educational programs, grant writing, open space planning and specialized GIS mapping.
  • Zoning Administrators and ZBAs/DRBs: We assist in specific permit reviews or administration of bylaws.

In addition to specific technical assistance services for municipal boards, we offer a wide range of trainings for municipal officials.  Below is a downloadable list of our current available trainings.

If you have a need that is not specifically listed above, please contact us at 802-457-3188 or