The TRO Region has received almost half a million dollars in grant funds that service water quality grants. Twenty-seven out of thirty towns signed up for the Municipal Grants-In-Aid Pilot Project. This program is providing funding for municipalities to implement best management practices (BMPs) on municipal roads ahead of the forthcoming DEC Municipal Roads General Permit (MRGP).

DEC has set aside $2.5 million to support this pilot project and will work with Regional Planning Commissions to make available grant funds to all participating Vermont municipalities that agree to the grant terms. Terms include completing a project on a hydrologically connected segment to bring it up to MRGP standards and completing this work by October 31, 2017. Projects include but are not limited to; grass and stone-line ditching, removal of grader berms, improvement/replacement of culverts, gully erosion. and stabilizing catch basins. The amount the municipality receives from this project is dependent on the amount of hydrologically connected segments there are.

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