The Two Rivers-Ottauquechee Regional Plan is a policy statement on growth and development of the Region that is consistent with the goals of V.S.A. Title 24, Chapter 117. Its purpose is to give guidance to developers, municipalities and other political subdivisions in the Region, and the State of Vermont on appropriate development, improvement and conservation of the Region’s physical and human resources.

This Plan is an expression of values and a vision for growth and management for the next five years. It is not to be a static or inflexible document. The Regional Commission, with the involvement and participation of the public, will periodically review and update this Plan to reflect new conditions and needs.

Adoption of the Plan does not change the structure or role of local or State government. The Plan intends to strengthen local government by providing information and guidance on growth management. It seeks to facilitate cooperation among these governments. Adoption of this Plan means that the Regional Commission commits its staff and program resources to achieving the Region’s goals and to fulfilling the Plan’s program recommendations. Adoption of this Plan documents the support of the Region’s towns for the principles contained within its chapters.

This Plan was adopted September 8, 2015 and is effective October 13, 2015. It replaces the Two Rivers-Ottauquechee Regional Plan effective July 25, 2014. Much of the background information goals, policies, and recommendations contained in this Plan are based upon the work reflected in the earlier version of the Plan.

Regional Plan Updates ~ 2017

Public Notice- Outlined below is a list of section headings of the Regional Plan chapters that have amendments proposed:
1. Definitions
2. Energy
3. Healthy Communities
4. History and Development
5. Implementation Matrix
6. Working Landscape

Energy Implementation Plan:

Also proposed for adoption is the Two Rivers-Ottauquechee Regional Energy Implementation Plan (to be adopted by reference as part of the Regional Plan) and related appendices. This includes:

Energy Implementation Plan Appendices

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Download Regional Plan

The Regional Plan and associated maps are available for download below.  Please be aware that the files are large and can take a long time to download over a slow connection.  The Regional Plan file is 6.5 MB and most of the maps are 5 MB or smaller.

Regional Plan Maps (optimized for “11X17” printing)

Map Viewer of Regional Future Land Use areas

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Focused maps of the Regional Plan’s Future Land Use areas for towns, villages, and hamlet settlements are available under each Member Towns page.