The Vermont Rural Fire Protection Task Force is pleased to announce the 16th year of funding (pending Vermont Legislative approval) to enable towns to improve fire suppression capabilities. The goals of the program are to:

  • Save lives, by reducing response time and improving both public and firefighter safety
  • Enable fire fighters to have a quicker, easier, and safer year round drafting capability
  • Reduce risks to property and natural resources, both public and private
  • Lower insurance premiums, both public and private.

NEW FOR 2014:

  • The maximum grant award is now $4,000 (previously $2,500)
  • The installation of new dry hydrants & other rural water supplies is still the priority of the program, but eligible projects now include repair/upgrade, replacement, and relocation of existing rural water supplies, whether previously grant funded or not.
To learn more or access the application please visit: 
Applications are due by: Friday May 2nd, 2014