On April 15 and 16, TRORC held public hearings for our draft Regional Plan updates in the Towns of Randolph and Thetford. Following those hearings, TRORC staff assessed, and where prudent, incorporated changes to the six draft elements based on the comments received prior to, during, and following the hearings.

The latest versions of the draft Regional Plan chapters can be viewed using the following links:

The next step in the Regional Plan adoption process is to hold a second public hearing on the draft elements at the May 27 Board Meeting, to be held at the Thompson Senior Center in Woodstock (for additional meeting details, please view our calendar here). Subsequent to that hearing (and absent further draft chapter alterations), we anticipate moving for adoption by our Board Commissioners on at our June 24 Annual Meeting at the King Farm (more information here). For a copy of the Public Hearing Notice, click: Public Hearing Notice May 2015.

If you should wish to provide us with any comments or suggestions on any of the elements listed here or inquire the Regional Plan adoption process generally, please feel free to contact our offices by calling (802) 457-3188 or, alternatively, by e-mailing information to us at [email protected]. We welcome your input, and look forward to hearing your feedback!