ANNOUNCEMENT: The VT Center for Geographic Information (VCGI) is pleased to announce the release of new Vermont Orthoimagery collected in 2016.  This release represents the 1st acquisition year of a new collection effort (2016-2020 map here) which will result in a completely new set of 30cm leaf-off 4-band orthoimagery.  Additionally, we are collecting 15cm imagery for specific “buy-up areas”.


The 2016 orthos cover approximately 1/5 of the state, a swath cutting across Rutland and Windsor counties.  30cm imagery is available for this entire area; 15cm is available for the buy-up areas (shown with hatched lines on the map).



  • Higher Resolution Base Imagery – The base orthoimagery is being collected at 30cm Ground Sample Distance (GSD).  This nearly halves the resolution from previous ortho vintages (50cm).
  • 6-inch Resolution for Buy-up Areas – Approximately 10% of the state is being collected at 15cm GSD.


Get It!  Downloads in JPEG2000 file format


Offline Option

  • Temporary Product Available until June 15, 2017:   Uncompressed (GeoTIFF) and Compressed (JPEG2000) 2016 orthoimagery on a portable hard drive.


Questions: Steve Sharp [email protected] OR 802-882-3006.