Community groups are now welcome to sign up to participate in the 2017 Button Up Vermont campaign. Sign up here.

There are a lot of reasons why your community group should participate:

  • Help residents in your community save energy and money
  • Help Vermont reach its goal of 90% renewables by 2050
  • Be part of the effort to help the U.S. meet its obligations under the Paris Climate Agreement

Button Up Vermont is a community-based, public outreach campaign to promote home energy efficiency improvements – particularly helping people reduce heating and cooling costs.  Efficiency Vermont, in partnership with a broad group of statewide and regional organizations, is planning to work with at least 25 Vermont communities to engage their residents around thermal efficiency.  The campaign will focus on all Vermonters and is designed to provide opportunities for all individuals to take actions – from simple weather stripping to comprehensive home efficiency improvements.

Efficiency Vermont will provide free LEDs to community partners working at the local level to engage residents in the Button Up Vermont campaign. We will also provide educational materials, media and social media support, and guidance and training to local energy committees. In exchange, energy committees will be asked to commit to implementing at least two community engagement activities of their choosing, such as organizing home energy parties, workshops, or tabling events.  Residents will be asked to commit to undertaking one or more measures to reduce their heating load and then record their actions on Energy Action Network’s Community Energy Dashboard. In addition, Efficiency Vermont and partners will place newspaper, digital, and social ads to reach all Vermonters – with the majority of the paid media aimed toward directly supporting participating communities.

Sign up today. Questions?  Community partner registration closes on September 30, 2017.  Please contact Paul Markowitz at Efficiency Vermont at [email protected] or 802 540 7608 with questions or more information.