Upcoming events and opportunities for creatives! 

In April 2021 Two Rivers was awarded a two-year grant from the U.S. Economic Development Administration to support the Creative Economy’s recovery from the COVID-19 Pandemic. The ‘Creative Economy’ includes individuals, businesses, and organizations working in the performing arts, visual arts and fine crafts, specialty foods and libations, literary arts, culture and heritage, film and media, design, and more. Year 2 builds on the outreach and survey phase of Year 1. In Year 2, TRORC is providing opportunities for creatives to connect, collaborate, and engage in cross sector partnerships to propel economic development within the East Central Vermont Economic Development District.  

There will be more events and resources for creatives in the near future! TRORC recently hired a marketing and branding consultant, Goman + York, to help create toolkits designed to support current and future business development. TRORC will provide assistance to those interested in using the toolkits over the next few months.   

Four business development trainings are on the horizon. Based on survey input from creatives, the topics will include internet presence, web design and social media, grant writing, marketing, and branding and budgeting. TRORC is hosting consultants to conduct the 1-2 hour workshops to advise creatives on such topics and provide supplemental materials to guide them after the workshops take place. They will be conducted starting this summer into the fall. 

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