Photo by Greg Russ- White River Partnership

TRORC recently completed an Ecosystem Restoration Program (ERP) grant focused on scoping potential water quality improvement projects within the Ayers Brook watershed. The Ayers Brook watershed is a tributary to the Third Branch of the White River and stretches across the Towns of Randolph, Braintree, and Brookfield. Historically, Ayers Brook has been classified as impaired due to high levels of streambank erosion, loss of riparian buffers, and habitat alteration. For this project, TRORC partnered with both the White River Partnership (WRP) and the White River Natural Resources Conservation District (WRNRCD) in order to contact landowners and formalize potential river corridor easements, riparian buffer plantings, green stormwater infrastructure projects, and farm best management practices.


WRP conducted outreach to landowners to engage their interest in implementing riparian buffers or river corridor easements on their property. Following this outreach, WRP worked with willing landowners to analyze the restoration needs of their land and developed shovel-ready buffer planting designs for future implementation. WRNRCD helped farmers reduce nutrient loading and sedimentation through best management practice (BMP) planning and design. TRORC conducted outreach to two landowners in Randolph whose properties were identified as potential sites for Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) projects. Landowner interest was confirmed in both locations and TRORC is continuing to follow-up with both owners regarding the potential implementation of bioretention areas and detention ponds on the respective properties.

The scoping and outreach efforts put forth by these three organizations have placed each of the above-mentioned water quality projects several steps closer to implementation and as a result, great strides have been made in the establishment of long-term floodplain protections along Ayers Brook.

For more information on this project, please contact Jessica Richter at [email protected]