September 12, 2016 @ 11:30 am – 1:00 pm America/New York Timezone
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The New Statewide Property Parcel Mapping Program, July 2016

Primary Information Contact: Leslie Pelch, Property Parcel Mapping Program Manager, VT Center for Geographic Information, 802-882-3002, [email protected]

TRORC Regional Meeting: Monday September 12th at Vermont Law School

11:30am to 1pm, Hoff Lounge, first floor of Oakes Hall

RSVP to Pete Fellows, TRORC, 457-3188, [email protected]


What is the Statewide Property Parcel Mapping Program Project?

  • A project funded by the VT Agency of Transportation to create or update parcel data (the mapping data that depicts ownership boundaries on tax maps, plus associated attributes, like SPAN) to meet the state data standard over 3 years AND to establish an ongoing Program to support annual updates to that data. The Vermont Center for Geographic Information is providing staff and coordination to the creation of the Program.
  • Mapping contractors will be chosen by VTrans to do the initial creation/update. Criteria for choosing which contractors work with which towns will include towns preferences and the ability of contractors to create mapping data that meet the state standard.
  • A request for proposals will be published in late fall of 2016, seeking mapping contractors interested in working with multiple towns. We expect that about 1/3 of the state will be mapped each year for 3 years.


Why Statewide Property Parcel Mapping?

  • Parcel data support many kinds of mapping and analysis; here are just a few examples:
    • Fair and Accurate Taxation and Reappraisal
    • Informed Community Planning and Economic Development
    • Targeted Natural Resource Conservation
  • Current Parcel Data varies from town to town in terms of content, age, and availability, which makes it difficult to do mapping and analysis in some towns or across multiple towns.
  • An ongoing Program will work with each town to determine the best way to ensure annual data updates that continue to meet the state data standard: from simply collecting updated parcel data from the town’s mapping contractor, to actually editing and updating the parcel data for the town.


You will have more opportunities to learn about this project and provide your input:

  • Southern Windsor County RPC, September 7, 2016 – 2pm, Ascutney
  • VT Assessors and Listers Association Annual Meeting, September 19 in Fairlee
  • VLCT Town Fair, October 6 in Essex


Even if you do your parcels in-house:

  • You can take a year off and have a contractor bring them up to the standard.
  • You can continue to maintain them; you just have to meet the standard (VCGI will have resources to help)!


More information about the project will be posted as it becomes available at the VCGI website: https://vcgi.vermont.gov/parcels


Turn right onto Cameron Way after the bridge into South Royalton.  There is a parking lot to your right.  Oakes Hall is to your left and take the stairs up one flight, go right and Hoff Lounge is the last room on the right.