On Monday, January 25, 2016 the Vermont Downtown Board voted to admit Newbury and Wells River villages into the Village Center Designation program.  The Village Center Designation program is designed to revitalize and sustain our traditional villages by providing incentives for commercial development in the form of tax credits for rehabilitation, technology and code improvements.  Communities with Village Center Designation also receive priority on some state grants.

Newbury and Wells River village’s entry into the program was made possible in great part through the effort of the Newbury Planning Commission during the revision of the Newbury Town Plan.  The Newbury Plan was substantially revised to be more consistent with state statute and the Regional Plan, which enabled the villages to apply to the program.  TRORC is pleased that we were able to assist these villages with their application to the program and we hope to see local businesses taking advantage of the program soon.

For more information on how your village can become part of the Village Center Program, contact Loralee Morrow at [email protected].