(Woodstock, VT)— TRORC received a 2019 Clean Water Initiative Design/Implementation Block Grant from Mt. Ascutney Regional Commission. TRORC hired Watershed Consulting Associates and SE Group who developed a 30% design that would address the Silver Lake State Park’s stormwater drainage issues associated with the State Park’s Visitor Center access road, walkways and parking lots. The stormwater runoff from this area deposits high amounts of sediment and nitrogen into Silver Lake due to a series of swales and culverts channeling the runoff directly into the Lake. This channeling is a result of legacy impacts from when Park infrastructure was initially installed back in the late 1950s.  Watershed Consulting Associates and SE Group developed proposals for a two cell gravel wetland, a rain garden, bioswales, buffers, stone slabs, sand filters, a new ADA permeable path, and educational improvements.  Staff from the VT Forest Parks and Recreation will now review the plans and decide which components are feasible and need final designs.

TRORC provides professional planning, mapping, facilitation, grant writing, and project management services for its thirty member towns in east-central Vermont.


For more information about this watershed planning work, contact Pete Fellows at 802-457-3188 or via email at [email protected].