There are a variety of grants and other assistance that can help local response agencies and communities better avoid, prepare, plan for, and equip themselves to deal with the variety of emergencies they will face. Since many grants involve applications for federal funds and many local officials are volunteers who may be unfamiliar with the administrative requirements of such grants, TRORC staff are available to help communities apply for and administer grants.

Visit the Vermont Emergency Management for more detailed information.


FEMA grants website

Helpful Grants Portal Tips PDF

NEW requirement for a notarized letter to renew. is the registration process that allows towns to receive federal money.  It uses the towns DUNS number (similar to business social security number). Beginning on April 27, 2018, entities renewing or updating their registration will be required to submit an original, signed, notarized letter confirming the authorized Entity Administrator associated with the DUNS number before the registration is activated.   The template is below and must be printed on town letterhead.

The letter is a 4-page document.  The first page contains the instructions.  The following three pages are the letter template and the notary signatory page.  Download Link:  

Barnard 781155353 Town of Barnard Yes 1/16/2019
Bethel 795127372 Town of Bethel Yes 8/25/2018
Bradford 032585754 Town of Bradford Yes 4/26/2019
Braintree 108878489 Town of Braintree Yes 12/4/2018
Bridgewater 949682413 Town of Bridgewater Yes 10/31/2019
Brookfield 078852292 Town of Brookfield Yes 12/7/2018
Chelsea 186993668 The Town of Chelsea Yes 3/28/2019
Corinth 949773923 Town of Corinth Yes 1/26/2019
Fairlee 100461552 Town of Fairlee Yes 5/30/2019
Granville 025686122 Town of Granville, Inc. No  
Hancock 026126391 Town of Hancock Yes 9/17/2019
Hartford 073973695 Town of Hartford Yes 10/08/2019
Hartland 042589085 Town of Hartland Yes 08/23/2019
Newbury 149361433 Town of Newbury Yes 10/23/2019
Norwich 042743021 Town of Norwich Yes 9/11/2019
Pittsfield 035892553 Town of Pittsfield No  
Plymouth 825122260 Town of Plymouth No  
Pomfret 949845887 Town of Pomfret No  
Randolph 033071796 Town of Randolph Yes 1/31/2019
Rochester 095524716 Town of Rochester Yes 10/25/2019
Royalton 949686919 Town of Royalton Yes 6/21/2019
Sharon 042916668 Town of Sharon No  
Stockbridge 042917567 Town of Stockbridge Yes 8/23/2019
Strafford 949773634 Town of Strafford Yes 1/18/2019
Thetford 078755078 Town of Thetford Yes 2/20/2019
Topsham 033443532 Town of Topsham No  
Tunbridge 949772610 Town of Tunbridge Yes 7/19/2019
Vershire 033533969 Town of Vershire No  
W. Fairlee 949775639 Town of West Fairlee None  
Woodstock 048572804 Town of Woodstock Yes 9/26/2019


VT Sample Request for EWP Assistance Letter
EWP Key Program Points
EWP Brochure

The NRCS Emergency Watershed Program (EWP) is designed for towns and homeowners to repair eroding streambanks that are threatening their homes.  Activities include providing financial and technical assistance to:

  • remove debris from stream channels, road culverts, and bridges,
  • reshape and protect eroded banks,
  • correct damaged drainage facilities,
  • establish cover on critically eroding lands,
  • repair levees and structures, and
  • repair conservation practices
  • Not for direct road or driveway repair.

Staff Contact

Kevin Geiger, Senior Planner
[email protected] – 802-457-3188 ex. 24