All LEPC’s have now be consolidated into one statewide LEPC. The Regional Emergency Management Committee (REMC) will be taking the place of LEPC12. This webpage is under construction. 

Tier II reports are no longer accepted at this location. 


Vermont EPCRA Tier II filers:

Vermont’s Community Right-To-Know Program, 20 VSA Chapter 1, Vermont’s Rules and Regulations dated October 1995, and the Federal Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) which is a part of 42 USC Chapter 116, require that certain hazardous materials must be reported annually between Jan 1 – March 1st for the preceding calendar year.

The Vermont State Emergency Response Commission (SERC) requires facilities to submit Tier II reports by using the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Tier2Submit software program. The EPA provides this software application at no charge. 

The Tier2Submit software can be downloaded at (available sometime in December 2020). 

Electronic submission via .t2s file will be the only means of accepted submission

The Tier II File, a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for each reported hazardous material, if required (new chemical not reported in previous year) must be submitted to the following:

  1. State Emergency Response Commission (SERC) – TIER II Submit Portal at – Complete Registration

Follow prompt and upload your .t2s file 

Once the report has been received an Invoice for the fees owed will be generated and emailed notification will be sent.  Payment can be mailed to the Division of Fire Safety, Attn: Community Right-to-Know Program., 45 State Dr. Waterbury, VT 05671 with the appropriate – fee, payable to “Department of Public Safety – HSF”, or Paid via the submission portal via eChecks only (online payment will be available in February 2022).

  1. New Statewide Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) – (Electronic File Only) – Emailed to [email protected]
  2. Local Responding Fire Department – (Hard Copy or as required by local jurisdiction)        

More information can be found on the program at the EPCRA Compliance website .

In February 2022, EPA Region 1 will be providing software demonstrations and Q&A sessions for facilities in New England States who may be required to submit an EPCRA Tier II report by March 1, 2021. A follow up email will be sent when registration is available.

EPA Tier2 Submit software provides facilities with a simplified, easy-to-use reporting process for the EPCRA Tier II Report. For this webinar, EPA New England’s Len Wallace, will provide a live demonstration of EPA’s new Tier2 Submit reporting software, and answer questions from attendees. A representative from Vermont will provide information on state-specific requirements.

EPCRA Tier2 Submit Software Demonstration for Vermont Facilities

Resources: – EPA Site – Vermont Site

Staff Contact

Victoria Littlefield at [email protected]