The Municipal Technical Assistance Program (MTAP) is a new program from the Vermont Agency of Administration intended to assist those communities with a high need for state and federal grants but lower capacity for accessing and applying for those sources. The Vermont Community Index (VCI) was developed to provide a metric of the needs of communities across the state, with any municipalities in or above the 50th percentile of the Vermont Community Index or in the 25-50th percentile and “significantly” impacted by the July flooding  being pre-approved for assistance.

The Two Rivers-Ottauquechee Regional Commission applied for this funding on behalf of all Regional Planning Commissions (RPCs) and the Vermont League of Cities and Towns, and will act as grant administrator through the program.

Grant funding is available to RPCs and the Vermont League of Cities and Towns to work with pre-approved towns and municipalities to assess potential eligible projects (below), find funding, and apply to grants. The funding alleviates the cost-burden to towns and municipalities for hiring their RPC to help with eligible projects and activities.

Eligible project types and activities include:

  1. Water supply and wastewater infrastructure;
  2. Housing;
  3. Community recovery, workforce development, and business support;
  4. Climate change mitigation and resilience; and
  5. Other community economic development projects identified by a municipality and approved by the State.

Pre-approved status does not guarantee assistance with grant identification and application if the project under consideration is not on the list of eligible project types and activities above.

RPCs will initially reach out to each of their pre-approved towns to initiate discussion of the Municipal Technical Assistance Program to determine interest and whether the town may have eligible projects or activities.

If you represent a pre-approved town, you may contact your RPC to initiate a Municipal Technical Assistance Program relationship.

More information about RPCs and links to their websites, can be found on the Vermont Association of Planning and Development Agencies website.

Towns that are not prequalified will need to request consideration for assistance through a form on the State’s Municipal Technical Assistance webpage.

Municipal Technical Assistance Program Links and Documents

State of Vermont Municipal Technical Assistance Program webpage

Pre-approved towns and municipalities

A list of towns and municipalities pre-approved for Municipal Technical Assistance funding.

Vermont Community Index – User Guide

Vermont Communities Index – Technical Documentation

Vermont Communities Index – Results Workbook

The Agency of Administration in coordination with Guidehouse created the Vermont Community Index (VCI) to evaluate the technical need of municipalities within the state.

Staff Contact:

Sydney Steinle, Planner
[email protected] – 802-457-3188 ext. 3006