Efficiency Vermont has provided grant funding to Regional Planning Commissions to support local energy committees and municipalities and to connect regional and local energy plan implementation efforts to Efficiency Vermont and Comprehensive Energy Plan goals. The funding will allow RPCs to provide technical assistance in the formation and development of local energy committees and to support the work of established local energy committees in specified areas tied to objectives for promoting energy efficiency and driving action.  Supported activities of this grant funding include:

  1. Working to encourage the formation of new energy committees and enhancing the impact of existing energy committees
  2. Facilitating regional meetings and roundtables of energy committees
  3. Coordinating local Button Up and other events to promote thermal efficiency
  4. Use data resources such as the EAN Dashboard, and provide training to local energy groups
  5. Organize residential weatherization and home heating workshops
  6. Develop and distribute model zoning and subdivision regulations to support energy efficient building and design
  7. Organize regional workshops on electrical efficiency programs for commercial applications
  8. Distribute information on energy efficiency incentives




September 5th, 2019: Bethel Town Hall

     –Project Overview Presentation

     –Meeting Notes

     –Energy Committee Survey