Vermont Climate Economy Summit: IDEAS TO ACTION

February 22, 2016


The Vermont Council on Rural Development will host the second Summit on Vermont’s Climate Economy at Vermont Technical College in Randolph on February 22, 2016 to share the action platform of the Vermont Climate Economy Council and frame common ground for action.

VCRD hosted the “Creating Prosperity and Opportunity Confronting Climate Change Summit” in 2015 to launch the Climate Economy initiative, founded the VT Climate Change Economy Council (VCCEC), and gathered input at three statewide public forums this fall. The VCCEC – composed of leaders in business, economic development and the environmental movement – serves as a non-partisan center point for the development of a proactive public policy around this issue. This 2nd Summit will review the findings and platform of the VCCEC, consider how this plan connects to a number of implementation arenas, from city government to business leadership, and then identify strategies to make Vermont a national leader in achieving climate economy business development, innovation and job creation for the future.

Register TODAY! Visit for more information on the Climate Economy Initiative and to register to participate in the 2nd Vermont Climate Economy Summit.