This is a reissuance of an RFP from last month that is now an RFQ.


Town of Barnard

Lime Pond Road Culvert Replacement (STP MM19(7))


Request for Qualifications for Design Engineer


Engineering Studies, Design and Permitting


The Town of Barnard is requesting Statements of Qualifications (SOQ)s from engineering firms (Consultants) for engineering services for replacing an existing undersized and poorly aligned 48” x 40ft steel culvert on Lime Pond Road over Broad Brook with an 8ft x 10ft concrete box including retention sills and flared wing walls as recommended by a recent hydraulic study. The Municipality is seeking a Consultant with expertise in designing, engineering and permitting. The procurement process for selection of the Consultant will be a Qualifications Based Selection (QBS). We are not seeking a detailed scope of work or cost proposal at this time. The successful Consultant will be selected based upon their demonstrated ability to provide the highest qualified team to achieve the goals of the project through their SOQ and possible interview with the selection committee.


Closing date is April 30 at 3 p.m. See a map HERE and the full RFQ announcement HERE