The governing board of the Two Rivers-Ottauquechee Regional Commission believes our region’s future is enhanced by both wise and forward-looking stewardship of the land, natural resources, and public institutions, and also through thoughtful investment in the next generation. To this end, the Regional Commission has authorized establishment of an annual TRORC Scholarship Program to encourage and recognize high school students pursuing career and life choices consistent with the vision and values of vibrant and sustainable communities, as articulated in our regularly updated Regional Plan.

The Regional Commission strongly believes that academic performance should be one of many factors in awarding scholarships and will also consider a student’s record in the following areas:

  • participation in community service-oriented activities;
  • engagement with civic institutions;
  • demonstrated leadership skills;
  • demonstrated entrepreneurship; and
  • the need for financial assistance including reasonable assurance that the student will be able to obtain sufficient financing to complete the program.

To learn more about eligibility and applying please click here: TRORC Scholarship Program 4-7-14