VTrans is soliciting proposals for the creation of small P&R facilities in Vermont. For the 13th year in a row the legislature has provided funding to support the encouragement of local communities to develop small municipally owned and maintained P&R. The 2017 P&R grant program has been funded with $250,000. These facilities will assist in the effort of reducing the number of single occupancy vehicles on the roadway, which in turn helps to reduce vehicle pollutants and traffic congestion.


In order to be eligible for this grant, the proposed facility must be located on Municipal, State, or leased property on or near a State Highway, available to commuters on a daily basis year round, provide parking for a minimum of ten vehicles, and will be owned and maintained by the local municipality. The grant funding is available for engineering and construction activities only. If public transit is present nearby, collaboration with the provider is strongly encouraged. Please note that grant awards are made in tow payments; the first half of the grant award will be available after construction of the project has begun and invoices total at least half of the grant award, with the second half paid after the project is completed and accepted.

If your community has an interest in developing a P&R facility and would like to receive a grant to do so, please fill out the enclosed application and submit it prior to August 31, 2016. Communities that were unsuccessful in the past are encouraged to reapply. Developed plans are not necessary. A scoring process is used to determine which towns will receive funding. Additional grant and development information will be provided to interested communities who have submitted applications. You can also find the application and information on-line at the following website: https://vtransengineering.vermont.gov/bureaus/mab.local-projects/parkandride


For questions, contact:

Wayne Davis


[email protected]