Executive Director

Peter G. Gregory, AICP

Peter was appointed Executive Director by the TRORC Board in 1997 and manages the professional staff of the organization. Peter, under the direction of the Board, guides the organization, motivates and supports the staff and implements Board adopted policy. Peter interacts with town, state and federal levels of government in pursuit of the mission of TRORC. Active advocacy on behalf of member towns and with the Vermont Legislature and Vermont’s Congressional delegation is key to matching the needs of our towns with resources. Peter spearheaded the effort at being designated as an Economic Development District by the US Economic Development Administration. When he is not trying to be the most responsive public sector employee he can be, he is likely hiking or planning his next hike.

Peter can be reached at pgregory at trorc.org or at extension #3002.



Director of Planning

Kevin W. Geiger, AICP, CFM

Kevin has been at TRORC since 1999, coming here from the regional planning commission for the Northeast Kingdom where he was their Assistant Director. He holds a MS in Resource Management and Administration from Antioch New England Graduate School and a BA in Human Ecology from College of the Atlantic. Kevin helped form our brownfields and emergency management programs over the years, and has long led our land use planning program. He also now heads our climate change and housing policy areas, as well as overseeing all planning activities. He has also served on many boards and commissions, and led our regional sustainability plan and buyout programs. He is a great resource for towns to call with land use questions, and is always ready to do in-person trainings. Outside of work in late winter, Kevin can be found pruning apple trees and talking to them way too much.

Kevin can be reached kgeiger at trorc.org or at extension #3003.


Finance Manager

Lori Kay

Lori is responsible for managing the commission’s budgets, contracts, accounts receivables and payables, and human resources. She also provides general administrative assistance to the commission and helps with grants management. Lori has spent most of her career working at non-profit organizations and is happy to be back in the Upper Valley where she was born and raised.

Lori can be reached at lkay at trorc.org or at extension #3001.





GIS Manager

Pete Fellows, GISP, CFM

Pete has worked in GIS and planning for 15 years at two Regional Planning Commissions in Vermont and is a Certified Floodplain Manager (CFM) and Geographic Information System Professional (GISP).  He obtained undergraduate and graduate degrees from, St. Lawrence and Syracuse Universities in New York State in Geography and Mathematics. Pete is in charge of GIS, field data collection and demographic data management and reporting at TRORC. His work includes the creation and maintenance of data and maps for inventories, zoning and town plans, regional maps, and numerous other map products. Pete also manages demographic data for use in reports and on the web as well as helping staff with Census data and other datasets.

He also manages the Forestry and Conservation programs and assists with the emergency operations and flood safety programs at TRORC.  His professional interests include improving flood hazard data and data access for municipalities.  He has recently worked on economic development data access and floodplain restoration.  Pete wishes he had more vacation for messing around the tributaries to the Ottauquechee and backcountry skiing in Rochester and Bethel.

Pete can be reached at pfellows at trorc.org or at extension #3009.

Senior Planner

Rita Seto, AICP

Rita runs our Transportation Planning Program that includes access management, bike/pedestrian issues, elderly and disabled transportation, public transit, traffic counts, pavement and bridge project programming and represents our region in statewide modal planning efforts. She obtained an undergraduate degree in Geography from the University of Waterloo and a Masters In Urban Planning from McGill University. Rita also works with communities on local and regional planning projects including community development block grants(CDBG), in fact, she has most recently been responsible for bringing $1.9 million in CDBG funding to the TRORC region. She also provides GIS technical assistance, and assists with emergency management planning, regional capacity studies and other special projects. On a personal note, Rita is obsessed with baking goods for her coworkers and curling in her spare time in between juggling two toddlers.

Rita can be reached at rseto at trorc.org or at extension #3004.


Senior Planner

Sarah Wraight, AICP

Sarah supports a variety of TRORC’s projects including brownfields assessment, Town plan and hazard mitigation plan projects, community visioning, village center designations, economic development, housing, and public health work. She earned her master’s degree in City and Regional Planning from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, with a focus on Land Use and Environmental Planning. She also brings professional experience in environmental justice work, community outreach, transportation planning, Census data analysis, and mapping. Sarah spends her free time cooking, hiking, volunteering in the community, hanging out with friends and family, and helping her cat keep the couch warm.

Sarah can be reached at swraight at trorc.org or at extension #3007.



Intermunicipal Regional Energy Coordinator

Jeff Grout, CEM, CDSM, PMP

Jeff has been implementing and managing Energy Efficiency and Distributed Energy Management programs for large utilities and their customers since 2009. He has assisted municipal, commercial and industrial customers with projects that enabled them to efficiently track and manage their energy usage, curb peak demand, and lower their energy bills. Jeff’s projects have included residential and commercial Energy Efficiency, Demand Response, and Electric Vehicle charging optimization.

Jeff holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master of Science degree in Engineering Management, both from the University of Massachusetts. He is certified as an Energy Manager (CEM), Demand Side Manager (CDSM) and Project Management Professional (PMP). Jeff was raised in Vermont and is very excited to be working on energy projects with local energy committees to help them reach their energy goals.

When not working or volunteering in his community, Jeff spends his time outdoors being as active as he can hiking, running, skiing and bicycling so that he can reward himself with delicious Vermont local food and brew. 

Jeff can be reached at  jgrout at trorc.org or at extension #3008



Kyle Katz

Kyle provides planning support for regional and town planning projects including town plan updates and hazard mitigation plans. Kyle recently graduated from the University of Cincinnati’s Master of Community Planning program where he focused on urban agriculture, climate resilience planning, GIS mapping, and land use. Prior to pursuing planning, Kyle served in the Peace Corps in Paraguay as an agricultural extension volunteer on small-scale agriculture projects in a rural farming community. Kyle has also worked in the nonprofit sector on environmental justice, urban agriculture, and community development projects.

 As a Vermont native, Kyle is happy to be back in his home state, where he enjoys hiking and biking, attending farmer’s markets, and exploring the many cultural activities Vermont has to offer.

Kyle can be reached at kkatz at trorc.org or at extension #3005.



Sydney Steinle

Sydney’s main duties include writing and revising town plans, hazard mitigation plans, and zoning bylaws. She received a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Grinnell College, and a Master’s in Community and Regional Planning from Iowa State University. She brings experience in survey creation, editing, and Capital Improvement Plans. Sydney considers both Iowa and Kansas “home,” but looks forward to adding Vermont to that list.  In her free time, Sydney enjoys baking sourdough bread, swimming, and reading.

Sydney can be reached at ssteinle at trorc.org or at extension #3006.





Connor Rigney

Connor provides support for towns updating their comprehensive plans, hazard mitigation plans, and writing and administering community development block grants. A born and raised Ohioan, he earned his Bachelor of Science in Public Affairs from The Ohio State University. Recently, he has received his Master of Regional Planning from Cornell University, where he focused his research on the role of different public institutions in economic development planning. His prior work experience includes being an elementary school secretary, facilities manager, and school nurse.

In his free time, Connor can be found reading, writing, playing guitar, going to the movies, and discovering new people and places in Vermont.

Connor can be reached at crigney at trorc.org or at extension #3010.


Planner & Zone Agent

Meghan Asbury

Meghan focuses on community and economic development projects, including the Cornerstone Creative Community (3CVT) project and creative sector support as the Zone Agent. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Sustainability and the Built Environment from the University of Florida (her home state) and holds a Master’s degree in Urban and Environmental Planning from the University of Virginia. A community organizer at heart, she understands the importance of equitable collaboration in the public participation process. In her down time she can be found hiking, biking, and exploring all the breweries and farmers markets that New England has to offer.  

Meghan can be reached at masbury at trorc.org or at extension #3014.




Harry Falconer

Harry Falconer’s main project area is administering the Municipal Energy Resilience Program, helping to convert town-owned buildings to more efficient and eco-friendly heating and cooling systems. He holds a degree in English and creative writing from Emerson College and is currently researching the thesis project required to complete his Master of City Planning degree from Boston University. In various past lives, he has been a bread baker, an EMT, and a reference librarian specializing in business and economic research. Originally from New Hampshire, Harry has a deep love for Northern New England and on weekends can be found having way too much fun with a chainsaw at his family’s camp in Windsor County.

Harry can be reached hfalconer at trorc.org or at extension #3013.



Support Staff

Security Detail

Jingle Fellows

Expelled from the Fox Hunting Academy, Jingle is the watch-dog at the TRORC office. She is eager to greet anyone that comes by and alerts the staff with a traditional foxhound ‘awooo.’ She belongs to Pete Fellows and spends her day soaking up those solar rays in the summer and cooking her head under a space heater in the winter.


Landscape Specialist

Carlee Gregory

The newest support staff at the office, Carlee belongs to the big boss Peter and has been enjoying getting to know the rest of the staff. Her favorite past-time when dad is not looking is eating grass and almost immediately throwing it up.