Peter Gregory - TRORC Staff

Executive Director

Peter G. Gregory,

Peter was appointed Executive Director by the TRORC Board and manages the professional staff of the organization. Peter, under the direction of the Board, guides the organization, motivates and supports the staff and implements Board adopted policy. Peter interacts with town, state and federal levels of government in pursuit of the mission of TRORC. Active advocacy on behalf of member towns and with the Vermont Legislature and Vermont’s Congressional delegation is key to matching the needs of our towns with resources. Peter spearheaded the effort at being designated as an Economic Development District by the US Economic Development Administration.

Economic development, regulatory review and local land use are focal points of his work. When he is not trying to be the most responsive public sector employee he can be, he is likely peak bagging in the White Mountains of New Hampshire or teaching newer staff the fine details of craft beer.

Peter can be reached at extension #111.

Dee Gish - TRORC Staff

Finance Manager


Dee manages budgets, contracts, accounts receivables and payables, accounting and human resources. She also provides general administrative assistance to the commission and helps with grants management.  Outside of work, she can be found tending her family’s garden and sheep.

Dee can be reached at extension #110.

Pete Fellows - TRORC Staff

GIS Manager

Pete Fellows, GISP,

Pete has worked in GIS and planning for 15 years at two Regional Planning Commissions in Vermont and is a Certified Floodplain Manager (CFM) and Geographic Information System Professional (GISP).  Pete is in charge of GIS, field data collection and demographic data management and reporting at TRORC. His work includes the creation and maintenance of data and maps for inventories, zoning and town plans, regional maps, and numerous other map products. Pete also manages demographic data for use in reports and on the web as well as helping staff with Census data and other datasets.

He also manages the Forestry and Conservation programs and assists with the emergency operations and flood safety programs at TRORC.  His professional interests include improving flood hazard data and data access for municipalities.  He has recently worked on economic development data access and floodplain restoration.  Pete wishes he had more vacation for messing around the tributaries to the Ottauquechee and backcountry skiing in Rochester and Bethel.

Pete can be reached at extension #121.

Kevin Geiger - TRORC Staff

Senior Planner

Kevin W. Geiger, AICP CFM –

Kevin has over 20 years of experience in assisting Vermont towns.  He recently wrote our successful application to EPA for $400,000 in brownfields assessment funds, putting our dormant brownfields back into action.  Kevin is also responsible for TRORC’s local and regional emergency management planning efforts and water quality policy; as well as assisting towns with regulating floodplain development, zoning, and capital budgeting.  Off hours in March, Kevin can be found pruning apple trees, as well as moderating the Pomfret Town Meeting.

Kevin can be reached at extension #124.

Rita Seto - TRORC Staff

Senior Planner

Rita Seto, AICP

Rita runs our Transportation Planning Program that includes access management, bike/pedestrian issues, elderly and disabled transportation, public transit, traffic counts, pavement and bridge project programming and represents our region in statewide modal planning efforts. Rita also works with communities on local and regional planning projects including community development block grants(CDBG), in fact, she has most recently been responsible for bringing $1.9 million in CDBG funding to the TRORC region. She also provides GIS technical assistance, and assists with emergency management planning, regional capacity studies and other special projects. On a personal note, Rita is obsessed with baking goods for her coworkers and curling in her spare time.

Rita can be reached at extension #113.

Kimberly GilbertRegional Planner


Kimberly is the newest staff member, having left her home state of Oklahoma for the adventure of beginning her planning career at TRORC.  She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology at the University of Oklahoma, followed by a Master’s Degree in Regional & City Planning.  Kimberly has worked on projects in Oklahoma, Brazil, and Uganda.  These experiences taught her the importance of community-led development.  As a Regional Planner, Kimberly will work on town plans and bylaws, educational outreach, and housing issues. Kimberly is always adding to her book and vinyl collections and enjoys being a “cool aunt” to her six nieces and nephews.

Kimberly can be reached at extension #112.


Victoria Littlefield –

Victoria (or Tory) assists several of our staff on a variety of projects. She manages our regional Local Emergency Planning Committee, runs our social media and website, manages the Municipal Planning Grant program, and works on a variety of emergency management tasks. In addition, she uses her strong skills in GIS to make maps and conduct data analysis.

Tory is currently pursuing her Master’s Degree at Green Mountain College. In her spare time, you can find Tory gardening in the summer and skiing in the winter while trying to find the best burger in Vermont.

Tory can be reached at extension #122.

Chris Damiani - TRORC Staff



Chris works with other staff members on a variety of programs. He has assisted on TRORC’s new Enhanced Regional Energy Plan, and works with our member towns on their energy chapters. Chris also supports our transportation program conducting traffic counts and additional field work needs as well as working with the regions public transit agencies to provide technical assistance around mapping and graphic design. In addition he works on economic development projects around the Region’s Creative Economy and village designation program. He strongly believes in providing access to public meetings and manages our youtube page and can be found filming and editing many of our meetings.

Chris is a graduate of the University of Vermont and is currently pursuing his Master’s Degree in an online program with the University of Florida. Out of the office, Chris enjoys hiking and canoeing in New England and is currently trying to visit every town in Vermont. Chris is an avid baseball fan and bleeds orange and blue for the New York Mets.

Chris can be reached at extension #123.

Jess RichterPlanner

Jessica Richter –

Jessica works on our water quality program. She is assisting with water quality projects and grants and stormwater mitigation throughout the region.  She manages the Clean Water Advisory Committee and works on watershed basin planning as well.  Jessica recently graduated from Eckerd College with a Bachelors in Marine Science and is eager to apply her background in aquatic sciences to the watersheds of Vermont. In her spare time, she can be found running, hiking, or at a nearby café in search of the perfect cup of coffee.

Jessica can be reached at extension #115.

Security Detail

Jingle Fellows

Expelled from the Fox Hunting Academy, Jingle is the watch-dog at the TRORC office. She is eager to greet anyone that comes by and alerts the staff with a traditional foxhound ‘awooo.’ She belongs to Pete Fellows and spends her day soaking up those solar rays.


Professional Napper

Belle Geiger

Belle belongs to Kevin Geiger and enjoys making her rounds to everyone’s office for treats and belly rubs. She can be found sleeping through the day and chasing woodchucks at the office.


Stress Relief

Barrett Littlefield

The newest addition to the TRORC office, Barrett does what any puppy does; eat, sleep, and cause havoc. Barrett thoroughly enjoys road surveys and is happy to tag along on those long car rides. He belongs to Tory Littlefield and acts as stress relief for all staff. He is always willing to play ball and get treats.