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Audit Compliance for Local Governments

Vermont law requires that school districts, towns, and cities account for the monies entrusted to them and that these records be audited. Annual review of accounting practices and internal controls are beneficial to better your financial management practices.

In 2012, the Legislature enacted an annual requirement for town treasurers to complete and provide to the Selectboard (which shall acknowledge receipt and review) a copy of the internal financial controls document provided by the Vermont State Auditor.

The internal controls document is a checklist that provides a summary of key issues that pertain to adequate accounting, management, and reporting of tax and grant dollars in local government.

To view and download this checklist, and to gather more information about audit compliance in your town, go to

Municipal Planning Grants RFP for consultants template

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Planning Consultant Directory

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Employee (and Family) Assistance Program

Every town that is a member with the Vermont League of Cities and Towns has EAP benefits for their employees.