RFQ for Wastewater Engineering Services, Town of Chelsea

Issued: 12/20/23

Deadline: 2/2/24 @ 4:00PM — THIS OPPORTUNITY HAS CLOSED

The Town of Chelsea is seeking qualified firms to provide engineering and design services for the following projects and project categories:

• Replacement of the pump station at Chelsea’s wastewater treatment facility. The existing pump station is decades beyond its useful lifespan and is accessible only via a 20-foot-deep dry well that is vulnerable to flooding and unsafe for the plant’s operator. The Town seeks to rebuild the pump station above grade to ensure operator safety and enhance the plant’s resilience to extreme weather.
• Miscellaneous improvements to the municipal wastewater collection system. (see Appendix A)
• Miscellaneous improvements to the wastewater treatment facility. (see Appendix A)
• The introduction of automated water quality sampling equipment.

Please see the full bid documents below.

Contact Harry Falconer at [email protected] or (802) 457-3188 x3013 with any questions regarding this RFQ. Any questions received and answers given will appear at the bottom of this page.

Questions & Answers

Q. Is the CWSRF Step 1/Step 2 funding intended to fund the entire project? Does a preliminary engineering report need to be included with the scope of services to seek out other funding sources?

A. Preliminary engineering for the project will be funded by CWSRF Step 1. Based on the cost estimates developed during the Step 1 process, the Town will proceed to final design using either CWSRF Step 2 or the EPA Community Grants program. The Town was granted a Congressionally Directed Spending (CDS, or ‘earmark’) request in the amount of $600,000, which guarantees funding via the EPA Community Grants program upon submission of a complete application. Community Grants can be used to fund construction and/or design. Thus the Town will decide whether to fund design work using CWSRF or Community Grants based on which option is cheaper for overall project execution. 

Q. Considering the excessive depth of the pump station and need for confined space access, should the pump station upgrades/relocation above grade be a priority for this project? If so, please confirm that additional funding and a new PER will be required.

A. The primary impetus for this project is to relocate the pump station above grade. The station is past the end of its designed lifespan, and its current location is unsafe and vulnerable to flooding. The wastewater treatment facility has other needs, as described in the 20-year engineering evaluation (Appendix A), which the Town will seek to include in the Engineering Services Agreement resultant of this RFQ to the extent possible within their budget.