The Two Rivers-Ottauquechee Regional Foundation (TRORF) was developed in support of the Two Rivers-Ottauquechee Regional Commission (TRORC) to address long-term organizational sustainability and sustained strategic actions. The purposes and objectives of the TRORF shall be to support the TRORC in TRORC’s efforts to promote the health, safety and welfare of the inhabitants of the Upper Valley region in Vermont by working toward a region with a superior quality of life, vibrant economy, and clean environment and by encouraging sound growth through effective community and regional development.

Unlike TRORC which is a political subdivision of the state, the TRORF is a 501(c)(3) and received its public charity notice from the Internal Revenue Service on November 6, 2018.  The TRORF is classified as a Type II supporting organization under IRC Section 509(a)(3).

TRORC must seek to maintain, grow, and diversify its funding in order to tackle the many new and emerging issues in our region. This is especially important to help maximize its role as coach and player, along with funding strong communications and outreach for our Region.  This will allow TRORC to make significant progress in achieving the vision of a thriving regional economy and high quality of life.

TRORF Board Members and Officers 2023-24

  • William B. Emmons, III – President
  • David Brandau – Vice President
  • Peter Berger – Treasurer
  • Nancy Jones – Secretary
  • Nancy Malmquist
  • Don Bourdon
  • John Echeverria
  • Ken Alton

TRORF Bylaws

TRORF Strategic Plan

Form 990N
TRORF is current with its annual reporting requirements with the Internal Revenue Service.

TRORF Frequently Asked Questions

For more information, please email us at [email protected]

Meeting Minutes