The Two Rivers-Ottauquechee Regional Commission (TRORC) is guided by Commissioners that are appointed by the Selectboard of Towns within the region. TRORC provides a regional framework that can assist municipalities in charting the best course forward with policies that guide their communities toward the goals that are important and unique to them. The Commissioners meet throughout the year and act as the Board of the organization, carry out its statutory responsibilities and fulfilling contractual obligations, and are responsible for the fiscal integrity of the organization. Each year TRORC approves a Budget at its Annual Meeting in June which outlines the organization’s efforts to best meet the needs of the TRORC member communities.

TRORC Board of Directors 2023-2024

TRORC Executive Committee Members

  • William B. Emmons, III (Town of Pomfret) – Chairperson
  • John Echeverria (Town of Strafford) – Vice Chairperson
  • Nancy Jones (Town of Bradford) – Secretary
  • Peter Berger (Town of Fairlee) – Treasurer
  • Nancy Malmquist (Town of West Fairlee) – At Large
  • David Brandau (Town of Royalton) – At Large
  • Ken Alton (Economic Development) – At Large

TRORC Board Members

  • Town of Barnard – Steve Cota (Alt.)
  • Town of Bethel – Gene Kraus, Paul Vallee (Alt.)
  • Town of Bradford – Nancy Jones, Marcey Carver (Alt.)
  • Town of Braintree – Sandy Vondrasek Cooch, Megan O’Toole (Alt.)
  • Town of Bridgewater – Lynne Bertram
  • Town of Brookfield – Gwynn Zakov, Jon Binhammer (Alt.)
  • Town of Chelsea – Carl Pepperman
  • Town of Corinth – Stephen Devoto
  • Town of Fairlee – Peter Berger
  • Town of Granville – Mark Belisle
  • Town of Hancock – Monica Collins
  • Town of Hartford – Lori Hirshfield, Bruce Riddle (Alt.)
  • Town of Hartland – Charles Jeffries

  • Town of Newbury – Frank Tegethoff, Larry Scott (Alt.)
  • Town of Norwich – Brian Loeb, Jaci Allen (Alt.)
  • Town of Pittsfield – Herb Kuendig, Mariah Katz (Alt.)
  • Town of Plymouth – Anne Brown
  • Town of Pomfret – William Emmons, Gennie Lawrence (Alt.)
  • Town of Randolph – Chris Sargent
  • Town of Rochester – Patricia Harvey, Doon Hinderyckx (Alt.)
  • Town of Royalton – David Brandau, Bushrod Powers (Alt.)
  • Town of Sharon – Ira Clark, Sue Sellew (Alt.)
  • Town of Stockbridge – Kevin Travis
  • Town of Strafford – John Echeverria
  • Town of Thetford – Angela McCanna, Jim Masland (Alt.)
  • Town of Topsham – Jim Clark
  • Town of Tunbridge – Michael Sacca, Kevin Rose (Alt.)
  • Town of Vershire – Andrea Herrington
  • Town of West Fairlee – Nancy Malmquist
  • Town of Woodstock – Don Bourdon, Brad Prescott (Alt.)
  • Member-At-Large – Meghan Butts (UVLSRPC)
  • Member-At-Large – Jennifer Colby (Agriculture)
  • Member-At-Large – Dan (Rudi) Ruddell (Conservation)
  • Member-At-Large – Ken Alton (Economic Development)
  • Member-At-Large – Andrew Winter (Housing)
  • Member-At-Large – Meg Emmons (Youth)

The Role of the Commissioner

The Commissioners have overall financial responsibility for TRORC. The Commissioners are responsible for setting the policies of the TRORC enabling it to best serve the needs of the Region, while remaining consistent with Vermont’s statewide planning goals. TRORC Commissioner’s job is to both represent the general public’s interest in assuring that the organization serves the Region effectively, and through ongoing communication, to represent the municipal body that appointed the Commissioner.

As a representative of a local government, a Commissioner may assist with regional policy decisions and inform their community about regional issues and how their community plays a part in larger regional issues. A Commissioner’s role is to balance the needs of municipalities with the needs of the Region and the goals of the state. Commissioners work to reach consensus when regional solutions can provide greater benefit.

It is a Commissioner’s role to bring concerns, issues and information to the Commission so that TRORC staff may find the best resources to help communities. It is important to express the needs of communities and be engaged in the business of TRORC.

Commissioners are often asked to:

  •     Attend eight monthly meetings a year
  •     Review agenda materials sent prior to meetings
  •     Advise the Commission on issues within the community
  •     Introduce staff to key leaders in the community
  •     Keep community officials and citizens informed on regional issues and the activities of TRORC
  •     Keep the Executive Director informed of any special concerns that local leaders have
  •     Approve a yearly budget for the organization

An effective Commissioner is an engaged liaison between the Commission and the member community.

To view the Board Member Handbook, click here.

To view the Commissioner and Executive Committee job descriptions, click here: Commissioner-job-descriptions