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TRORC provides professional planning, mapping, facilitation, grant writing, and project management services to our thirty member towns in east-central Vermont so they remain healthy and vibrant places to live, work and visit.

Featured Project

Vermont Hazardous Commodity Flow Study

Cover photo credit: First Light Studios The two-year Vermont hazardous materials commodity flow study is complete. You can view the reports here:  The year one report had a primary focus on truck commodities, where the second year had a primary focus on rail. The raw truck data for both of these years are available for…

News & Events

  • Climate Change Resilience Courses at Antioch NE offered January 2019

    Antioch University New England is offering a series of online courses on climate change resilience during January. Registration ends on 1/1/19. This course consists of foundational knowledge in the science of our changing climate, understanding the boundaries of “uncertainty” in future projections posited by the scientific community, how to translate the “risk” faced by a community,…
  • Towns can Apply for Climate Economy Model Communities Program

    Is your town trying to increase economic vitality and affordability in a time of climate change? Vermont Council on Rural Development is selecting TWO towns for their Climate Economy Model Communities Program! The deadline is January 18th. For information on the program and how to apply, visit:
  • Rivers, Roads, And The Stewards That Protect Them

    The following is a piece written by students from an AP Environmental Science class at Woodstock Union High School.  Students Erica Kurash, Carl Gebhardt, Lily Walker-Money, Toby Borzekowski, and Natalie Stevens recently presented their work for Sustainable Woodstock's Green Drinks event held at the Marsh-Billing-Rochefeller National Historic Park:   Pete Fellows and Jess Richter work…