We’re pleased to announce the release of BioFinder 2016—a new and improved version of the mapping tools and database you may have used in the past.  BioFinder was created to help communities and organizations identify the lands and waters in Vermont that contribute most to biological diversity. It can be used to learn more about your landscape or to assist with land use planning at the municipal, regional and statewide scales. BioFinder will help you see your land in a larger context!   A sister resource to ANR’s Natural Resources Atlas, BioFinder highlights just those datasets most helpful in conservation planning.


Updates feature new maps that focus on ecological function—the ability of plants and animals to interact as needed in order to thrive, reproduce, migrate, and move, even as the climate changes. As such, it highlights Vermont Conservation Design: networks of forests, waterways, and features that work together to maintain Vermont’s ecological landscape.

Go There!

Find it at BioFinder.vermont.gov.