On October 20th, 2015 the Vermont Agency of Agriculture Food and Markets (VAAFM)  released a draft copy of the Revised Agricultural Practices (RAPs) for a pre-filing period which will last until January 2016.  This pre-filing period is the opportunity for all interested stakeholders to review the Draft RAPs and provide initial comment before AAFM enters into the formal rulemaking process—a formal public comment period will occur during the formal rulemaking process.  An estimated timeline is provided below.   You can download a copy of the Draft RAPs from AAFM’s website: https://agriculture.vermont.gov/water-quality/regulations/rap

waterq timeline





Areas of specific consideration are outlined below:

  • Small Farm Definition & Certification
  • Nutrient Management Planning Standards and Requirements
  • Livestock Exclusion Standards and Requirements
  • Buffer Zone and Nutrient Setback Standards and Requirements
  • Soil Health Management Recommendations
  • Proposed Required Training Programs

Comments from farmers related to the relevance, intent, and consistency of thedraft RAPs will be highly valuable and necessary.  The VAAFM has not yet entered the formal rule making process.  The draft RAP and planned public meetings is an opportunity for VAAFM to solicit comment from a wide stakeholder group prior to entering into formal rulemaking.  The Agency will seriously consider all comments received during this pre-filing period, though there may be no formal response to comments received.  Comment can be e-mailed to: [email protected]

Dates and locations of the public meetings can be found here:https://agriculture.vermont.gov/water-quality/news-events/public-meetings