The Town of Granville is seeking a Proposal to design, build, place and anchor
an outdoor table and 2 benches at each of two locations 4463 and 4401 Rt-100
Bids are due, on paper only, to the Granville Town Offices, 4157 Rte. 100,
Granville, VT 05747 until 3:00 PM EST, March 1, 2017. Bids will be opened
publicly and read aloud immediately after the specified closing time, at the
Granville Town Offices. The Selectboard can reject any and all bids at its sole
Table and benches
These should be made of a natural local wood, resistant to rot, such as cedar;
NOT pressure treated wood. The picnic table will be multi-sided (polygonal with
perhaps an odd number of sides) and the benches at least 6 feet long. Anchors
shall be used to secure the table and the benches during times of flooding.
Any questions concerning this RFP should be addressed to Jim Dague.
[email protected]
This project is funded with federal HUD CDBG Disaster Recovery funds and encourages all Minority
Owned Businesses, Women Owned Businesses, and Section 3 Businesses to submit bids. Davis Bacon
construction wage rates will apply. The selected contractor will be registered with and not
be on the Federal or State of Vermont debarment list. The Town of Granville is an Equal Opportunity