DEMHS will be hosting a series of Springtime Flooding Seminars across Vermont during the week of 14-March-2016.  All seminars will begin at 10:00 a.m. and the locations for each Seminar is as follows:


DATE:                                                    LOCATION:                                                                         RSVP:

Monday, 14-March-2016              State Emergency Operations Center                            Laura Ranker

45 State Drive, Waterbury, VT                                       [email protected]


Tuesday, 15-March-2016              VT State Police Barracks                                                 Shaun Coleman

140 Fisher Pond Rd, St. Albans, VT                            [email protected]


Wednesday, 16-March-2016       Johnson Municipal Offices                                            Seth Jensen

239 Lower Main Street, Johnson, VT                         [email protected]


Thursday, 17-March -2016            Brattleboro Retreat                                                        Alyssa Sabetto

1 Anna Marsh Lane, Brattleboro, VT                        [email protected]


Friday, 18-March-2016                   VT State Police Barracks                                                Tim Bouton

2490 Ethan Allen Highway, New Haven                  [email protected]



The Agenda is attached Please join us and RSVP to the local Regional Planning Commission representative for the selected location so we can get an accurate headcount.