In 2015, the Vermont Department of Public Service (DPS), engaged three of Vermont’s eleven Regional Planning Commissions (Bennington Regional Planning Commission, Northwest Regional Planning Commission and the Two Rivers-Ottauquechee Regional Commission) in a pilot project to advance a total energy approach to regional plans consistent with the goals and policies contained in the Vermont Comprehensive Energy Plan (CEP).

Working with organizations such as the Vermont Energy Investment Corporation and the Energy Action Network, the RPCs have developed model pathways to 90% renewable energy within our respective regions, identifying regional goals and actions relating to heating, transportation and electric power. These regional plans also include a mapping component which identifies areas with the potential for renewable energy generation. Also included with this draft is a siting guide and template language that communities may consider as they attempt to craft town plan language that addresses renewable energy generation. Because of the specific requirements of this pilot project, this Implementation Plan does not focus on energy issues that must be dealt with at the state level, instead it proposes action items that can be acted on at the regional and local level.

The draft Plan is available for download from the publications section of our web site.