Health Policy Clearinghouse

The Health Policy Clearinghouse is a collection of resources for policy makers seeking examples and information to form policies that support healthy communities. You can browse resources in this clearinghouse or refine your selections by choosing a Topic and/or Audience from the drop-down menus above. You may also use the search bar directly above to find specific topics of interest within the documents. Partners for healthier communities - Green Peak Alliance
Green Peak Alliance is a regional network that promotes healthy communities in East Central Vermont. Projects of the Green Peak Alliance include positive activities and supports for youth, substance misuse prevention education, and prescription medication take-back initiatives.
  If you would like to submit a health-related policy from your town to be considered for inclusion in this clearinghouse, please contact Sarah Wraight at [email protected]

Link: Keys to the Valley has prepared a “toolbox” of strategies and policies that can be used to promote safe and affordable homes while strengthening our communities. These tools can be used by a variety…