FEMA has recently informed DEMHS that,  HMGP applications may now be submitted for emergency generators in the regular project category.    Previously, FEMA would only fund these under the 5% initiative.

Throughout the state, potentially there are many critical facilities that either don’t have generators or which  have older generators that are in need of replacement.   This may include police stations, fire stations, rescue squads, water treatment plants, wastewater treatment plants, hospitals and similar critical facilities.     Some of these larger facilities require generators that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.   Please spread the word to Vermont communities that they may now apply for an emergency generator grant in the upcoming HMGP round of applications due on May 2.

There are several advantages regarding  generator projects:

  1. These do not involve lengthy Environmental & Historic Preservation reviews
  2. With a well prepared and complete application, HMGP reviews can be expedited, particularly in communities that have local mitigation plans in place
  3. While a BCA is required, the attached guidance provides useful case studies which can be easily replicated, particularly for critical facilities

The FEMA memo and guidance on frequently asked questions is attached.  If you have any questions please contact Kevin Geiger at [email protected] or Ray Doherty from the Vermont Division of Emergency Management & Homeland Security (DEMHS) at [email protected]

Eligibility of Generator Purchase under HMGP

Generator FAQ 01-22-2013