A municipality can establish a Conservation Commission, comprised of volunteer members who are dedicated to inventorying, studying, and conserving the community’s natural resources. Check with your local town office to see whether there is a Conservation Commission in your town. If there isn’t one yet, check out the enabling legislation which allows municipalities to create a Conservation Commission (24 V.S.A. Chapter 118, § 4501-6)

If your town is interested in forming a conservation commission, please contact Pete Fellows at 802-457-3188 ext. 3009

Mapping Resources Guide

The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department published Mapping Vermont’s Natural Heritage, a book aimed at conservation commissions and planning commissions to help them learn what mapped data is available on natural resources in their town, and how it can be appropriately interpreted.

It also provides options for how to plan for and protect these resources, including non-regulatory and regulatory options, in additional to providing examples of planning and conservation strategies employed by other Vermont communities. To visit their website, click here

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Pete Fellows, GIS Manager
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