Vermont Forest and Wood Products Directory– A visual locator of forest and wood products in the state of Vermont.

Working Lands Enterprise Initiative 

  • Goals
    • Stimulate a concerted economic development effort on behalf of Vermont’s agriculture and forest product sectors by systematically advancing entrepreneurism, business development, and job creation;
    • Increase the value of Vermont’s raw and value-added products through the development of in-state and export markets;
    • Attract a new generation of entrepreneurs to Vermont’s farm, food system, forest, and value-added chain by facilitating more affordable access to the working landscape; and
    • Increase the amount of state investment in working lands enterprises, particularly when it leverages private and philanthropic funds.
  • The Initiative also works with the Vermont Community Loan Fund (VCLF) and the Vermont Economic Development Authority (VEDA) to provide zero or low-interest loan programs to Working Lands entrepreneurs.
  • Forestry and Woods Sector

Vermont Working Lands Partnership– “non-partisan and broad-based partnership to support local agriculture and forestry, grow and attract farm and forest entrepreneurs, and conserve Vermont’s Working Landscape far into the future” with the Vermont Council on Rural Development

Link to Regional Plan

TRORC Regional Plan: Working Landscapes: Agriculture and Forestry