The Shared Energy Coordinator (SEC) works closely with participating TRORC towns to promote actions and programs that support the energy goals defined in each town’s adopted energy plan. The program provides Energy Coordinator services to towns that do not have the resources on their own to implement and manage energy efficiency and electrification projects. Additionally, SEC towns benefit from information and knowledge shared by the other participating towns and energy committees.  

As of FY2025, the six Towns participating in the SEC program are Bradford, Norwich, Sharon, Strafford, Thetford, and Woodstock. Any project that works towards Vermont’s Comprehensive Energy Plan goals by increasing energy efficiency or reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is within the scope of the SEC program. The SEC Steering Committee, comprised of one representative from each of the six towns, helps to further define the direction of the program and assigns specific tasks. 

Value is provided to the SEC towns by documenting energy savings and bringing in grant dollars to fund energy-related projects. SEC services include: developing, procuring, and managing town level energy projects such as energy audits, community solar, replacing fossil fuel heating systems, and building EV charging stations; as well as conducting community outreach and education.  

Planning for the SEC program began in FY2019 when six towns in the region approached TRORC requesting staff support to provide a shared Energy Coordinator. The original six towns were Barnard, Fairlee, Sharon, Strafford, Thetford and Woodstock. Voters in each of these six towns approved funding to support this work, and the program was founded under the name Intermunicipal Regional Energy Coordinator (IREC). The first locally funded, shared service of its kind was off and running. In FY2024, the Steering Committee opted to rebrand IREC as the Shared Energy Coordinator, or SEC, program. 

For more information about this program, please contact Harry Falconer at [email protected]. 

Climate Action Plan (2023)

Climate Action Plan

In early 2023 the SEC Steering Committee completed a Climate Action Plan (CAP) for the TRORC region. This Climate Action Plan provides specific actions that towns can take to advance their community-level climate goals and encourages partnerships among the SEC towns.

The CAP is a non-binding document that focuses on six categories of primary energy use and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. It is intended to be used as a guideline that lists actions that towns can take to save energy, reduce energy spending, and cut GHG emissions. The CAP recommends that the specific steps taken by each town be documented and tracked annually.   

The Steering Committee and the SEC will work together to review and periodically revise the plan as new information becomes available and new priorities are established, to identify opportunities for collaboration, and to learn from the experiences of others. 

Ultimately, the actions in this CAP are designed to move towns closer to the goals defined in their respective energy plans and to track progress to the best extent possible.  

The SEC program has also produced an electrification and energy efficiency incentive guide for individuals, called Climate Action for You.

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