Proposed Work Schedule, Week of 7/3/17,  RUTLAND-KILLINGTON ER NH 020-2(36)[Route 4 Paving and Culvert Replacement]


Please expect intermittent one lane alternating traffic pattern throughout the week of 7/3/17

at the location of the box culvert on the Killington Flats.


Please expect delays and plan travel time accordingly.


FOURTH OF JULY: Crews are scheduled to work until mid-afternoon on Friday, 6/30/17. Two-way traffic will be maintained at all times after 12:00 noon until the end of the day Friday. Crews will not resume working on the road again until Wednesday, 7/5/17 at 7:00 AM in observance of the 4th of July Holiday.


PROJECT LOCATION: This paving project begins at the Rutland City/Rutland Town line near the Gleason Rd. intersection, and continues easterly for 14.7 to a point near the Mission Farm Rd. intersection near the Killington Skyeship.

Road work to be performed includes cold planing, resurfacing (paving), pavement markings, guardrail, sign installation, and the installation of center line rumble stripes. Other work along the project includes ledge removal and the installation of a new precast box culvert just west of the Killington Skyeship, near the intersection of Bear Mt. Rd.


MILLING: Milling operations for the main traveled portion of the road should be complete by the end of this week, with the exception of the box culvert construction area. No milling is scheduled for Friday, 6/30/17. Milling of side roads and driveways will occur throughout the week of 7/3/17.


PAVING: Crews are scheduled to continue paving intermediate course on milled surfaces throughout the week of 7/3/17, weather permitting. Paving operations are currently in the vicinity of Thundering Brook Rd. for west bound traffic and Spring Hill Rd. for east bound traffic. Paving will proceed in an easterly direction throughout the week of 7/3/17.


SHOULDER WORK/BERM REMOVAL: Crews are scheduled to continue shoulder work and berm removal throughout the week of 7/3/17.  This work is occurring at various locations throughout the length of the project.


DRIVEWAY APRONS: Driveway operations will be ongoing throughout the week of 7/3/17. Although driveway apron operations will be ongoing, they will not occur on a daily basis. This operation requires lane closures, and as a result, lane shifts and new traffic patterns will be in place throughout the construction package. Please use caution when driving through the construction zone. Traffic control personnel will be onsite to assist with the flow of traffic.


CULVERT REPLACEMENT: Crews have completed backfilling around the new section of culvert and traffic has been shifted to the westbound side of the road. Crews will continue excavation throughout the week of 7/3/17 in preparation for the installation of the other half of the culvert. This work may require a one-lane alternating traffic pattern at times, and intermittent delays are expected throughout the week.


A speed zone will be in effect in this area of the project as a result of this work. Please check travel speeds and adjust accordingly while traveling in this area. Speeds will be reduced to 40 MPH, and fines will be doubled in the construction zone.


TRAFFIC DELAYS: Paving, milling, shoulder and driveway operations will require lane closures in the location of these operations. Lane shifts will be in effect. One eastbound lane and one westbound lane will remain open to traffic throughout the lane shift. Flaggers and uniformed traffic officers will be on site directing the flow of traffic. Please be aware of construction traffic, trucks entering/exiting, and work activities within each work zone. Possible delays or a slowing of traffic may result.

One-way alternating traffic may be necessary in the area of the box culvert on the Killington Flats. Expect delays and please plan your travel time accordingly.


Please focus on safety when driving through the construction work zone and remember, it is against the law to use a hand held cell phone while driving in Vermont.