Many towns have chosen to create an Energy Committee or Energy Coordinator position—a volunteer person or group of people who can help establish and implement the community’s energy goals. To find out if your community currently has one or the other, go to the Vermont Energy and Climate Action Network’s (VECAN) list of Energy Committee and look for your town’s name.

If you don’t see your town on the list, but would like to establish an Energy Committee or Coordinator in your community, we suggest you read out our publication “Why Should Your Community Form an Energy Committee?” and contact Kevin Geiger ([email protected]) for assistance.

At your request, our staff will help guide you through the start-up process of creating an Energy Committee or Coordinator. We can meet with interested community members and the local legislative body to explain how an Energy Committee or Coordinator is created, who might serve, how the body will function, and why your community might want one. Once established, our staff can advise that Committee or Coordinator on what their ideal first steps or projects might be.

We can also help connect your town’s Energy Committee or Coordinator with staff at VECAN, which is a statewide organization that coordinates Energy Committees across Vermont. VECAN is an excellent resource and can help guide your Committee or Coordinator’s work.

Links for Energy Committees/Coordinators