Energy Data

When planning for your community’s energy future, it’s important to get a sense of existing energy uses and generation. Here are some guiding questions to consider while collecting data and planning for the future:

  • What energy resources are being utilized and by whom (residents, businesses, municipal government)?
  • Where do these resources come from (are they produced in this town, region, state, or country)?
  • Does your community have the geologic/geographic/climactic capacity to produce different types of energy resources, and if yes, what kind and where?
  • What is the financial impact of current energy use on your community (residents, businesses, municipal government)?
  • What is the environmental impact of current energy use on your community (residents, businesses, municipal government)?

How To Find Existing Energy Audit Reports on Municipal Buildings in Your Town

With a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy, our staff paid for energy audits of municipal buildings across the Two Rivers region. (An Energy Audit is a physical or structural assessment of a building and its energy use; it includes recommendations on how to improve the building in order to use less energy and save money.) The following towns/buildings received an Energy Audit:

Bradford (Bradford Academy, Town Garage, Library, Streetlight Inventory), Braintree (Town Office), Brookfield (Town Office/Library), Chelsea (School), Fairlee (EMS Facility), Hancock (Town Office), Hartland (Damon Hall, Recreation Center), Norwich (Tracy Hall), Pittsfield (Fire Department), Plymouth (Town Office & Garage), Randolph (Streetlight Inventory), Royalton (Streetlight Inventory), Sharon (Baxter Library), Stockbridge (Town Garage), Vershire (Town Garage), Woodstock (Town Hall, Streetlight Inventory)

You can download a copy of your town’s report by visiting your town’s page on our website. Or, you can contact Kevin Geiger ([email protected]) directly.

How To Find Data on Existing and Potential Renewable Energy Resources in Your Town

To find out if and where renewable energy resources are already being generated in your community or to research your town’s potential generating capacity, you can visit the Community Energy Dashboard.  This tool can be used to identify, analyze, and visualize existing and promising locations for renewable energy projects. You can focus on your town or region and consider numerous renewable energy options, including solar, wind, biomass, geothermal, hydroelectric, and more.

PACKETS for Town Energy Projections and Targets: Barnard, Bethel, Bradford, Braintree, BridgewaterBrookfield, Chelsea, Fairlee, GranvilleHancock, Hartford, HartlandNewbury, Norwich, Pittsfield, Plymouth, PomfretRandolph, Rochester, Royalton, SharonStockbridge, Strafford, Thetford, Topsham, Tunbridge, Vershire, West Fairlee, Woodstock.

Generation/Grid Constraints