As result of spring flooding on Lake Champlain and TS Irene in 2011, TRORC is assisting with the FEMA-HMGP buyout of 156 residences and businesses across Vermont as well as coordinating the HUD-CDBG-DR and VT-VHCB match funding. Future development will be restricted on these sites. TRORC is also coordinating reuse programs for several of these parcels.  This program will be ending in 2020 but will hopefully transition to a VEM/RPC/VHCB ongoing program with state funding.  For more information, please contact Kevin Geiger at TRORC.  Download a PDF map of buyouts.

Use the map to pan and click on each site to get more information.  The small box outline in the upper right switches to full screen where you can zoom.

The Status of Applications menu allows one to select the current status of the buyouts across the state.  The map shows four status levels: Completed, Almost Done, Issues, and Committed but just beginning (updated 11/4/19).