Emergency Management is the field of dealing with emergencies, especially large human-caused or natural disasters. The field is usually broken into four phases: mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery. TRORC plays a role in all of these phases, but we are especially active in the first two.  We work very closely with the VT Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security, Vermont Agency of Transportation and the state’s River Management Program, since they are all involved in the field.  We also work with towns to ensure that their infrastructure, especially roads and drainage, is built to stand up to expected hazards such as heavy rainstorms. Towns can mitigate the effects of disasters by encouraging disaster-resistant development that keeps homes and businesses out of harm’s way, such as avoiding floodplains.

For more assistance on emergency-related issues, please contact Kevin Geiger.

Be safe.

Staff Contact

Kevin Geiger, Senior Planner
kgeiger@trorc.org – 802-457-3188 ex. 24