Aug 222013

TRORC is an association of thirty municipalities in east-central Vermont governed by a Board of Representatives appointed by each of our member towns. We provide professional planning, mapping, facilitation, grant writing, and project management services to our  member towns.   The Commission’s staff also helps to provide a bridge from the local to state and federal levels of government.  We are committed to a vision of a thriving region, both in terms of people and place.

Aug 202015

The following is a story run by the Office of Economic Resilience at the Department of Housing and Urban Development on TRORC’s management of the 108 Tropical Storm Irene buyouts. Much of the work on these buyout properties is complete, but more remains to be done by our dedicated staff, namely Bob Ennis and Kevin Geiger. To learn more about the buyout program and subsequent site reuse opportunities, contact Bob at or Kevin at

“Following flooding from Tropical Storm Irene in 2011, Two Rivers Ottauquechee Regional Commission, East Central Vermont’s SCI grant consortium lead, assisted with the buyout of 108 sites with funding from FEMA and HUD CDBG-DR. The changing climate also has prompted the region to consider economic development strategies that pivot from snow and ice dependent activities to new opportunities in a warmer climate.

Voluntary buyout (property acquisition) programs can be a costeffective tool for hazard mitigation. Buyouts relocate residents out of harm’s way, allow owners to receive fair compensation for properties, and increase natural flood storage. Under the SCI grant, the East Central region in Vermont is pursuing a buyout program as an adaptation strategy for reducing losses from flooding identified in their final regional plan. Ultimately, this approach could frame a state level buyout program. The FEMA Guide to Buyouts can be accessed here:

Aug 182015

(Woodstock, VT)— The Two Rivers-Ottauquechee Regional Commission (TRORC) has been awarded $21,200 from the State’s Ecosystem Restoration Program’s (ERP) to design a floodplain restoration area along Pinney Hollow Brook at the site of the former Farmbrook Motel in Plymouth, Vermont on VT Route 100A.  TRORC will work with a consultant this spring to design a […]

Aug 172015
TRORC Hosts a SerVermont VISTA Member

(Woodstock, VT)— The Two Rivers-Ottauquechee Regional Commission is pleased to have partnered with SerVermont AmeriCorps VISTA to host a volunteer over the next year. The VISTA, Christopher Damiani, joined the TRORC on August 10, 2015. Mr. Damiani is originally from Madison, NJ and has a BS from the University of Vermont in Community Development and Applied […]

Aug 072015

Join SERG and a panel of experts for a forum on modern wood pellet technology as a cleaner, more efficient, renewable form of commercial and residential heating. Experts will discuss an array of topics, and represent a broad range of specialisms related to the wood pellet industry. This event is free and will take place: […]

Aug 062015

The East Central Vermont Economic Development District’s 2015-2020 Draft is open for public comment through September 4, 2015.  TRORC and its partners have been hard on work on this new CEDS, and we welcome your input.  To learn more and access the draft CEDS, visit the ECVEDD website here. Contact Loralee Morrow at or […]