Aug 222013

TRORC is an association of thirty municipalities in east-central Vermont. TRORC is governed by a Board of Representatives appointed by each of our member towns. Our primary goals are to advocate for the needs of our member towns, and to articulate a vision for building a thriving regional economy while enhancing the region’s quality of life. The Commission’s staff provides technical services to local, state and federal levels of government and to the Region’s non-profits and businesses.

Jul 082014

For more information regarding the Act, please visit the website: There is also a recently sent out a press release summarizing the Act: Find attached a flyer containing a brief description of the two permit programs within the Lakes and Ponds Program, Shorelands and Encroachment. Please distribute the flyer as you see fit, including, if [...]

Jul 072014

This project includes the removal and replacement of the concrete deck, wingwalls and associated roadway work of Bridge No. 62A. Additionally, Bridge 62A and Bridge 66 will be repainted on the existing steel members. The allowable bridge closure period for Bridge 62A is 26 consecutive calendar days between July 8th and August 22nd, 2014. During [...]

Jun 262014

Communities all around Vermont are using Municipal Planning Grants (MPGs) to help revitalize downtowns, become more resilient to flooding and to address a variety of local challenges. This year the legislature made $476,544 available for MPGs. The increase from last year’s funding recognizes the impressive accomplishments of the towns and cities that received these grants. [...]

Jun 132014

A deadline for mapping all Class 1, 2, 3 and 4 Town Highways and Legal Trails is approaching and it is important for Towns, Cities and Villages to be aware that there is one year remaining to get any highways or trails added to the 2015 Certificate of Highway Mileage, and subsequently to the General [...]