Aug 222013

TRORC is an association of thirty municipalities in east-central Vermont. TRORC is governed by a Board of Representatives appointed by each of our member towns. Our primary goals are to advocate for the needs of our member towns, and to articulate a vision for building a thriving regional economy while enhancing the region’s quality of life. The Commission’s staff provides technical services to local, state and federal levels of government and to the Region’s non-profits and businesses.

Jan 262015

TRORC is seeking requests for quotes (RFQs) to re-design our website. Having recently updated our logo, we are now looking to create a website that better reflects a more current look and feel. Our aim is to create a website that is faster, sleeker, and more responsive, while also paying homage to our thirty unique and beautiful towns.

Below are particulars on the timeframe for RFQ submissions:

  • This RFQ is dated January 26, 2015. Proposers may also request a copy be sent via email by contacting Dee Gish at
  • Quotes are due no later than 12:00pm/noon EST, February 9, 2015.
  • Quotes will be evaluated immediately thereafter. TRORC may contact proposers with questions if necessary before making a final decision.
  • The name of the proposer who has been selected will be decided on or about February 11, 2015.
  • Detailed discussions regarding the final document will begin immediately with the successful proposer and should conclude no later than February 20, 2015.
  • All other candidates will be notified on or about February 23, 2015.
  • The project must be completed and delivered by June 30, 2015. (However, through discussions with successful proposer and the design process, this date is negotiable.)

If you or someone you know has an interest in learning more about this opportunity, please review the RFQ here: Website Design Request for Quotes. If you should have any additional questions about this RFQ that do not apply to billing and budgeting, please contact Loralee Morrow at or by calling (802) 457-3188.


Questions received since posting RFQ:

January 28, 2015

Q: Can companies from Outside USA apply for this?

A: Yes.

Q: Will we need to come over there for meetings?

A: No.

Q: Can we perform the tasks (related to RFP) outside USA?

A: Yes.

Q: Can we submit our proposals via email?​​​​

A: Yes.

January 27, 2015

Q: Will you work with an out-of-state company?

A: Yes

Q: Is TRORC a registered 501-C-3 non-profit org?

A: No.  We are a political subdivision of the state.

Q: Are you able to send us a jpg or psd of your updated logo?

A: Yes, upon request.

January 28, 2015

Q: For the past approximately 6-8 weeks, what percentage of the site’s visitors are using a hand-held device: phone and/or tablet?

A: For the past 90 days, iOS and Android show 1.62% and 1.04% of the traffic respectively.

Q: What was that same percentage for the same approximate time-frame one year ago?

A: Unfortunately, stats were set to roll over every 120 days, so I don’t see last year’s info (I’ve since changed this to 1 year.)

January 29, 2015

Q: Would the Commission be opposed to replacing its current web analytics with Google Analytics?

A: We’re open to discussing any type of improvement suggested by the winning bidder.

Q: Has the Commission established a performance budget for the new site?

A: No, but again, we’re open to discussing any type of improvement suggested by the winning bidder.

Jan 222015

(Woodstock, VT)— After three years and over 100 meetings, the action plan is finished and already being implemented. East Central Vermont: What We Want is the product of a three‐year planning process funded by a Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grant awarded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) through an interagency partnership consisting […]

Jan 072015

TRORC staff has begun the process of updating a number of Regional Plan elements to better align with state planning goals, as delineated in statute. In view of these updates, we are soliciting public comments on the draft elements, which are as follows: Utilities & Facilities Emergency Management Education Economic Development Transportation Implementation As updates are […]

Jan 052015

SERG Director, Bob Walker, and representatives from Efficiency Vermont will present to the public about the various energy improvements and low-interest financing available to many Vermont residents at a series of forums, taking place: Wednesday, January 7th, 2015, Bradford Academy Auditorium, 7:00pm Tuesday, January 20th, 2015, Thetford Center Community Center, 6:30pm Tuesday, January 27th, Randolph, Randolph Municipal Building, […]

Jan 022015

The Department of Housing & Community Development (DHCD) is starting to prepare a new five-year plan for 2015-2020, and is seeking public input on local needs and interests in areas related to housing, downtown improvements, health, childcare, jobs, food security, and lingering unmet needs related to Tropical Storm Irene. This input will help inform how nearly $10 […]