Regional Plan Purpose

TRORC’s Regional Plan is the guiding policy document for our activities. It is used in Act 250 permitting to judge the compatibility of projects with the 10 criteria, to support grant applications, and as a basis to decide whether plans or programs by state agencies are compatible with regional policies. The Regional Plan is a comprehensive document that covers many issues beyond just land use.

Our Regional Plan is a dynamic document that must be revised every eight years by law to reflect new data, understanding and policy direction. TRORC undertakes updates more often than is required, however, so that the Plan stays as current and relevant as possible. During adoption of revisions, the Regional Commission holds publicly warned hearings around the region and mails copies of the draft Plan to all towns and interested parties seeking general or specific comments on these proposals. Locations of these hearings are posted on this web site. Comments are welcomed on the Plan as it exists and on any amendments under consideration. For more information, please contact Peter Gregory at

The Regional Plan and Maps are available for download here.  Focused maps of the Regional Plan’s Future Land Use areas for towns, villages, and hamlet settlements are available under each town page.

Staff Contact:

Peter G. Gregory, Executive Director