Fairlee Village (Credit: John Knox)

Contact Information

Town Clerk:
Georgette Wolf-Ludwig, CVC
PO Box 95
Fairlee, VT 05045
E-mail the town
Web site:
Town Web Site

Documents and Maps

Town Plan

The Fairlee Town Plan was adopted on January 21, 2020

TRORC Regional Approval – Under Title 24, §4350 this town has requested TRORC’s approval to demonstrate consistency with the regional plan.

Enhanced Energy Compliance Checklist – Pursuant to 24 V.S.A. Section 4352, this energy compliance checklist was submitted by the Selectboard to the Regional Planning Commission for review.

Certificate of Energy Compliance – Pursuant to 24 V.S.A. Section 4352(b), the Selectboard requested this Commission to review and issue a determination of energy planning compliance.

Zoning & Subdivision

Other Projects/Maps

Demographic Information

Sources – Census 2020, American Community Survey 5 year estimates and the VT Energy Dashboard.